Health Issues

 "Children have the right to enough food, clean water and health care"


In 1994 UK Scouts helped the Scouts in Uganda and UNICEF to expand their immunisation and AIDS awareness programmes by raising money to support their work.

Here is a brief explanation about these two programmes, so that you understand why we have chosen to support them.

The immunisation programme is part of an initiative aimed at making poor people in Uganda independent. The only way to move away from the current situation of population growth, high infant mortality and widespread poverty is to let people know how they can gain skills to help them earn more money, learn to care for the environment they depend on for everyday needs such. as water and food, and most importantly how to look after their own health and that of their families.

One of the main reasons that so many children are born in Africa is that so many babies die. They die because they are malnourished or because they have caught a disease. They are malnourished because there are too many mouths to feed and they catch diseases because they are using contaminated water and poor sanitation. It is a vicious and unfair cycle, but one which can be changed. The immunisation programme run by UNICEF in Uganda aims to stop so many children from dying from easily preventable childhood illnesses. It is supported by the cuts in Uganda, who have an immunisation proficiency badge.

During 1994 Scouts also supported the AIDS awareness programme in Uganda. As many as 1 in 4 adults are HIV+ or suffering from AIDS in some regions of the country. An increasing number of babies are being born with the HIV virus. With no known cure for AIDS, education is the only way to control the spread of AIDS. The Ugandan Scouts are learning about the AIDS disease, how it is spread and what they can do to protect themselves. They help by telling their friends and families and so the message of how to prevent the spread of AIDS is passed on. This section on 'Health' will help your Unit to look at the following issues:

The six killer diseases | Water and sanitation | AIDS | Immunisation | Re-hydration

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