Programme Ideas

1. Compare your diet with the daily diet of a Ugandan. Work out which nutrients the Ugandan food contains and see how healthy their diet is. Compare it to your own. How healthy is yours?

2. Visit a food preparation factory (any type of food, canned or bottled). How is it preserved? How long will it last? What effect does the process have on the nutritional value of the food?

3. Invite a dietitian or a G.P. to visit the Unit. Ask them to outline the diseases which can result from our diet.

4. Prepare a menu for a weekend eating no convenience foods. This includes canned food, frozen food and packaged food from the supermarket. Discuss with others how your lifestyle would change if no processed and convenience foods were available in this country.

5. Divide the Unit up into four groups depending on numbers. Two groups could make a conventional British meal (for example Shepherds Pie). The other two groups make a typical Ugandan meal by experimenting with the list of Ugandan crops. At the end of the evening the group should eat both meals and discuss the costs, nutritional value and length of time to prepare and cook the meals.

6. Have a 'Unit Ugandan Meal'.

Here are some recipes using Ugandan crops.

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