Who's Food is it Quiz

To understand that the world food market is controlled by a very few interests (such as the multi-national corporations) and to see the effects of this both in Britain and at the other end of the chain.

You will need

Either a large piece of paper on which to mark down team scores

The questions below copied onto cards - one for each member of the group.

The questions and answers written onto scrap paper

Blutac to put these up around the room. Pencils for each member.
Play this as a team game, with members calling out answers to questions. Put scores up on the wall.


Each person is given a card with a question on it. They have to introduce themselves to at least six other people and ask them the question. They then jot down the answers.

After 10 minutes, put up the answers around the walls, while members are still talking and then bring their attention to the answers.

As they look at the differences between theirs and the real answers you might ask one or two questions.

For example:
Did anyone get all the answers wrong? Consider these questions.
Are you particularly surprised by any of the facts - Why?

N.B. This can be a useful getting-to-know-you exercise, if you lay emphasis on people introducing themselves to each other before they ask the questions.

(Harder questions have optional clues and multiple choice answers).

1. Which product accounts for over half of Sri Lanka's exports? Carved elephants; flowers; tea or rice?

2. What is cassava? A woolly hat; an infectious disease; a vegetable.

3. How many companies control 90% of the coffee sales in Europe and Japan?

4. Which is the world's largest food company controlling Walls, Macfisheries, Birds Eye and Liptons Tea to name
but a few? Clue: Eight letters but only one push.

5. How many dogs are there is the United States of America?

6. One firm imports 95% of sugar into the European Community Which is it?

7. Which country exports the most rice?

8. How much of the world's arable land is being farmed? 30%,50% or 90%?

9. In 1980, the British government spent £859 million on overseas aid. How much did the people of Britain spend on: a) Beer and alcohol? b) Tobacco?

10. Which big company is now the largest seed firm in Britain?

11. How many pounds of grain are eaten by beef cattle to produce 1lb of meat?

12. One American company controls 63% of the world canned soup trade. Who is it?

13. Which company is responsible for selling state Express '555' cigarettes in Kenya with double the nicotine content of the United Kingdom'555'? Clue: Mammals can fly.

14. How much of the food that is bought by householders in Britain is thrown away in their kitchens? 2%; 10%; 25%;

15. How many companies control two thirds of the world's trade in bananas?

16. 200 years ago a British person ate four or five pounds of sugar a year. How much do we eat today?


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