The Environment - Programme Ideas

4. Adopt a Wood

With your Venture Scout Unit or the whole of your Scout Group, why not adopt a forest or small wooded area locally and be responsible for its proper protection and development? Your task could involve visiting your chosen site regularly, taking notes and pictures relating to its development through the years, picking up litter, maintaining tracks and footpaths or creating a nature trail. Your purpose should be to help people appreciate the forest for what it is, as a common heritage. Get advice and any necessary permission from your local Forestry Commissioner or local council offices.

5 Discussion on forestry and logging

How much does your Unit know and understand about logging? This is the normal operation in the maintenance or the commercial exploitation of a forest and you can help to control it. Logging can be done without damage to the environment if the operations are carried out properly. How much commercial logging takes place in the United Kingdom and how are forests managed here? Why not ask a representative from the Forestry Commission or Nature Conservatory Council or any other conservation body to one of your Unit meetings to start a discussion on this issue?

People and organisations you could contact:

  • Countryside Commission
  • BTCV - British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
  • Woodland Trust
  • Forestry Commission

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