Uganda does not have a national costume. However, the 'busuti' or 'gomasi' is regarded as typical national clothing. These colourful saris are a contrast to the plainer clothes worn by most of the Ugandan population, although the style is generally distinctive to particular tribes. For men, the 'kanzu' used to be regarded as the national dress but it is generally going out of use as national attire.

The Safari suit is now being worn throughout Uganda.

Spending money on clothing is not a priority for the people of Uganda with the average monthly wage being so low survival is obviously of paramount importance. Britain by contrast spends millions each year on fashion wear. Bombarded by beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes on television and in magazines, we are persuaded to spend our money on clothing.

Programme ideas

1 . Have a Unit fashion show. Divide the Unit into groups of three. Then with just black plastic bags, silver foil and sellotape, dress one of the three people in the black plastic to produce something smart with accessories.

2. Have a Unit jumble sale and donate the proceeds to Unite.

3. Have a discussion where each person adds up the approximate cost of their entire wardrobe. Compare this and justify it.

4. The clothes game. Get into teams of four. Two on one side of the hall and two on the other. One person runs to the other side and swaps clothing with the person on the other side (within reason) and then the second person runs to the other side and changes clothing again with the third person and that person runs to the other side. The first team to finish wins.

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