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Camping plays a very important part in the life of a Ugandan Scout. Each year around 2000 Scouts meet at the national campsite at Kaazi. The site is on the banks of Lake Victoria 20 or so kilometers south of Kampala.

Scouts in Uganda construct their own tents, though with support, some Groups are now able to afford the sort of tent we would use in the UK. The traditional Ugandan tent (or bivouac as we would call it) are made from poles and grasses, lashed togtether with banana fibre. The poles are taken from one camp to another, so conserving trees. Sometimes raffia mats or plastic are used in preference to grass. Unlike most UK Bivouac's these tents have to withstand heavy equatorial rains.

All sorts of camping gadgets are constructed - tables, benches, plate racks, washing stands and clothes hangers. Drinking cups can be made from bamboo.

There are many photographs on the site of camping in Uganda. Look especially at photographs of the Camporee 1998 and Uganda 2000


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