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Uganda is the traditional Christian stronghold in East Africa; about a third of the population are Roman Catholic, a third Protestant and the remainder split between Islam and the tribal religions. Attendance at religious ceremonies is thought to be as much as 80%, in Uganda.

Different religious groups were established in Uganda for many years before the oppression under the rule of Idi Amin.

In Kampala there are Hindu temples and mosques in addition to churches and cathedrals belonging to the Christian denominations.

During Idi Amin's rule, he expelled all the Asians and the places of worship were left empty for a number of years. The Asian community is now beginning to re-establish itself and the buildings are being returned to the religious communities. Like The Scout Association in the United Kingdom, the Uganda Scouts Association is open to young people of different faiths and denominations.



Different Faiths

  1. Arrange a visit to a mosque, synagogue, church or temple, find out the customs and traditions of a faith in your community.
  2. Ask someone of a different faith to come to the Troop meeting and explain about his or her religion.
  3. Write a prayer, to be used at your meeting that concerns the problems of a developing nation.
  4. Find out about a faith other than your own; about its holy books, places, customs and festivals.
  5. Make a prayer book.
  6. Design a 'Quiet Place' so that you can talk to your God as your friend.

The Scouts could build something with mini pioneering or pioneering or choose a quiet place at camp, for instance beside some bushes, near a stream, below a few rocks, or at the bottom of a hill and so on.


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