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The wildlife in Uganda was depleted during the years of turmoil as many of the animals were killed by the soldiers for food. The government has established wildlife parks and buffalo, zebra, monkeys, hippopotamus, crocodiles and elephants can all be seen. The crocodiles and hippopotamus are particularly prevalent on the river Nile.

Note when in Uganda if you a driving along and meet an elephant you stop because its bigger than you and hitting it hurts the elephant and most likely you end up dead!


Programme Ideas

  1. Many animals are in danger of extinction. Find out which animals this applies to, particularly in Africa and Uganda. Find out which organisations are dedicated to protecting wild life in Africa and how you can help. Prepare a presentation for the other members of your Troop.
  2. As a Patrol 'adopt' a protected area and carry out a community service project to support its maintenance and preservation. The local Forestry Commission office or the Ranger Service could provide information.
  3. Visit a nature trail and take pictures of wildlife so that a display can be mounted showing wildlife habitants and the main dangers encountered by wildlife in your area.
    People use animals for a variety of reasons some of which people approve of and others which people would condemn. Animals are reared for food, cosmetic production, drug testing and experiments for transplant surgery. Hunting some animals is also seen as a sport in the United Kingdom for example pheasant shooting and fox hunting.
  4. Hold a debate with two Scouts speaking for the motion and two Scouts speaking against. The whole Troop can then join in the debate. A motion is written 'This Troop agrees that . . . .'.

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