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UNICEF is the United Nations Children's Fund, the world's leading international development organisation working for children.

Children are the most vulnerable members of any community and have very special needs. UNICEF's work places all children firmly first, regardless of politics, religion, race or colour. Assistance is given solely on the basis of need. The United Nations has stated 'mankind owes to the child the best it has to give', for children are our most precious resource, our future.

UNICEF is very active in Uganda and following the years of turbulence, UNICEF is supporting the government in providing health care and education to the large number of young people in the country. The projects are very diverse but include, immunisation, providing vaccines and training health workers to educate parents on the need to vaccinate their children. Scouts and Guides in Uganda work with UNICEF to promote this important message and UNICEF sponsor an immunisation badge.

Other projects are 'Health Education for AIDS prevention' promoting oral rehydration therapy and providing teachers with health kits on immunisation, AIDS, diarrhoeal diseases and water and sanitation.


UNICEF In Action

In 1990 world Leaders and heads of state from 71 Countries came together and made a solemn promise to 'give every child a better future'.

Major goals were set for the year 2000.

  1. Reduction of infant and under five mortality rate by one third or to 50 and 70 per 1,000 live births respectively.
  2. Reduction by half of maternal mortality rate.
  3. Reduction of severe and moderate malnutrition among under five's by half.
  4. Safe drinking water and sanitation for all.
  5. Universal access to basic education and completion of primary education by at least 80% of children.
  6. Reduction of adult, especially female, illiteracy.
  7. Improved protection of children in especially difficult circumstances, such as abandoned, working and street children and children in war.
By taking part in Unite, you and your Cub Scouts can help make these goals become a reality.

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