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Things to find out about and do:

  1. Hold a Ugandan outdoor evening and invite along parents and friends. Decorate the area with leaves, flowers and pots of African violets. Hang up mobiles of butterflies and birds and make plenty of large cut-out animals mounted on card so they stand up. Use plenty of blue crepe paper to simulate waterfalls. Make paper napkins and decorate with African animals or bright coloured patterns. Have plenty of fruit in wicker baskets and peanuts in small bowls.


2. Organise a treasure hunt for small teams.

  • Conceal paper or toy wild animals along the route and award various points for each one depending on how easy they are to spot.
  • Hang gold and copper paper from trees or fix them onto a wall.
  • Write a nature question on the paper, an easy question on the copper and a more difficult one on the gold and award points for the correct answer.
  • To make the trail realistic, make a tape of jungle sounds and play it at certain points along the route.
  • Can anyone identify the sounds?

Monkeys are lurking somewhere along the trail (Leaders suitably disguised). If confronted by a monkey the team have to pay a forfeit.

Round the evening off with a singsong and play some of the musical instruments - details on the Music page

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