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Scouting in Uganda was started by a British missionary in 1915 and the Uganda Scouts Association has been a member of the world organisation of the Scout Movement since 1964. During the years of turmoil Scouting in Uganda was dormant. However like Scouting around the world, Scouting in Uganda has developed to meet the needs of young people in the country and it plays an important role in the development of the community.


  • Carry out some research and find out when your Group and Pack were started.
  • Have you always met in the same place? Have you changed your name or your neckerchief? Set up a display of your findings at your next Parents' evening or Group Annual General Meeting.

Scouts in Uganda is divided into age-groups and each group has a different motto.



 Name  Age  Motto
 Cubs  7-11 years  Do your best
 Juniors  12-15 years  Be Prepared
 Venturers  16-18 years  Look wide
 Rovers  18-25 years  Service



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