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Scouting is a family with over 16 million members world-wide. In Scouting we all make our Promise and do our very best to live up to it. It is important for Cub Scouts to realise that Scouting crosses many of the barriers that divide people; age, social class, colour, culture, religion and nationality. When undertaking the activities on Scouting in Uganda it would be helpful to emphasise the similarities rather than dwell on the differences. The Cub Scouts should be aware that young people in Uganda join Scouting for many of the same reasons that they do, that is to enjoy the fun and friendship, to experience new and adventurous activities, to learn more about the world around them and provide service for their communities. Cub Scouting in Uganda is in many ways very similar to Cub Scouting in the United Kingdom. One major difference however, is that, rather than being based on The Jungle Book and wolves, Cub Scouting in Uganda bases it structure on lions so a Pack of Cub Scouts becomes a Pride. The Leader is called Simba and the welcoming ceremony is a 'Grand Roar', rather than a 'Grand Howl'.


Game - Know your potato

This game is unusual, good fun and helps everyone realise that all living things are different and unique and this applies to human beings too!

Working in groups of six, ask the Cub Scouts to choose a potato each. For two minutes each Cub Scout feels his or her potato, observes it from all angles and searches for its particular characteristics. The Cub Scouts then describe their potato to the rest of the Six.

The Cub Scouts then put the potatoes back in the middle of the circle and mix them up. They then try to find 'their' potato. If this is too easy they close their eyes and search for their potato. As well as practising observation and description skills, this activity can be used as a starter to talk about everyone as individuals.




A Grand Roar

Here are instructions on how to perform the 'Grand Roar' and some other commands used in Cub Scouting in Uganda. The older Leaders amongst us will recognise the similarity between the 'Grand Roar' and the Grand Howl of several year ago in the UK.

To perform the 'Grand Roar' the Cub Scouts form a circle. Simba is in the middle of the circle with arms outstretched and facing the Sixer who will lead the roar.

When Simba lowers his or her hands, the Cub Scouts squat down on their heels, with their fingers touching the ground between their feet and with their knees to the outside. They then all roar 'Simba, We-a Do-o-o-oo O-u-ur Best'. The word best should be sharp, loud and short. At the same time the Cub Scouts spring to their feet, making the Cub Scout sign with their right hand. The leading Sixer then calls at the top of his voice 'Cubs dyb, dyb, dyb, dyb'(meaning do your best). They then all return the roar with 'we-e- dob dob dob, dob' (meaning we'll do our best).

After the fourth 'dob' the Cub Scouts smartly drop their right hand to their side and remain standing at the 'alert'.

The 'Grand Roar' is a ceremony used to welcome Simba at the opening of the Pride Meeting. It can also be used to welcome other important guests.

Simba then instructs "Pr-i-i-i-i-de"

When called once means SILENCE.

The Cub Scouts remain quite still facing Simba "Alert"

On this command, the Cub Scouts stand with their feet together and hands by their sides and head up, looking at Simba.

Learn the Ugandan commands and ceremonies and use them occasionally when running activities from this book or organising a special Ugandan evening.

Many people in Uganda are very poor and often parents cannot afford to buy Scout uniform for young people. Cub Scouts often wear school uniform and wear a cap to identify themselves as Cub Scouts or wear the special Cub Scout badge when they pass the 'Tenderpad test' the equivalent of the Investiture.

The Cub Scouts can compare their badges with the activities undertaken by Cub Scouts in Uganda. Are there any activities Cub Scouts in Uganda do that your Cub Scouts would like to do? Perhaps they could write their own syllabus, relating the topic to the situation in the United Kingdom.

The Uganda Cub Scout Promise

On my Honour
I promise that I will do my best,
to do my duty to God and to my country,
to help other people at all times
to obey the Scout law.

The Uganda Cub Scout Motto

Be prepared.

The Uganda Cub Scout Salute

The Cub Salute is made with the right hand, the fingers folded as in the illustration.

The salute is a sign of good will and respect and should always be made whilst standing at attention.


Run an Ugandan Pack night with 'Grand Roar', a mock Investiture using the Promise and Law and games played by young people in Uganda.

Cub Scout Tests

Tenderpad Tests
History of Cub Scouting
Cub Scout Promise, Law and Motto
Cub Scout Sing, Salute, Handshake
Cub Scout Uniform and Grand Roar

National Flag and Anthem
Personal Hygiene
Religious observance
The Alphabet and Numerals
Members of your Six
First Star Tests
Promise and Law
Uganda's Coat of Arms
Road Safety
Local Information
Message and use the Telephone
Calling for help
Health and Sanitation
Family Life Education
Physical Development
Conseration and Agriculture
Second Star Tests
Promise and Law
The Pride and Scout Commissioners
The National Flag and Anthem
Uganda's Independence
Telling time and resourcefulness
The Kit and Observation
Health and Sanitation
Family Life Education
Physical Development
Spiritual Development
Conservation and Agriculture
Mvule Badge
Scouting Spirit
Scouting skills
Health and Sanitation
Family Life Educaiton
Physical Development
Spiritural Development
Conservation and Food Production
Lion Cub Scout Badge
Scouting Spirit
Scouting Skills
Family Life Education
Spiritual Development

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