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"Children have the right to enjoy their own culture, progress and practice their own religion and use their own language"


In many parts of the world people are not allowed to practise their own religion and culture. In Uganda many Asians had to flee the country but they are now returning to their homes, and businesses and their places of worship are also being returned to them by the government.

Sixty per cent of the population are Christians (Protestant or Roman Catholic), about 30% are Muslims and the remainder are Hindus, Sikhs or belong to other tribal religions. Religion plays a very important role in the lives of people in Uganda.




Activity - Worship

If there are different religious communities in your area, perhaps the Cub Scouts could do a survey of the places of worship. These could include churches of various denominations as well as places of worship for different religions.

The Cub Scouts could undertake a survey of the religions represented in the Pack or in their class at school.

Invite religious Leaders to come along and show the Cub Scouts some artefacts from their religious community. One or two of the Cub Scouts could also tell the religious Leaders about Scouting - and explain why they wear their badges and what is involved in becoming a Cub Scout.

Like The Scout Association in the United Kingdom, Scouting in Uganda is an open Association, therefore, young people from different faiths and denominations come together.


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