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Children have the right to an adequate standard of living

Many homes in Uganda are different to the homes most of us live in. However, the image of all Ugandans living in mud huts is outdated as many now live in towns. People have had to move to towns when they have been unable to support themselves in the villages and have had to go and look for work. In many families, the father will go to the town to work and leave the mother and children to work on the land in the villages.

Activity - where do they live?

Ask the Cubs to describe the sort of house they live in.

  • How many rooms does it have?
  • Do they have a garden?
  • Do they have their own bedroom?
  • What sort of gadgets do they have in the home for instance television, video, washing machine and so on?

Now ask the Cub Scouts what sort of houses they think Ugandans live in and why.

Show the Cub Scouts pictures of homes in Uganda - rural and urban.

Activity - Mud huts

Make a Ugandan village. Each Cub Scout can make a model of a mud but using mud for the circular walls and grasses and so on for the thatched roof. Around the outside of the village the Cub Scouts could make a fence of mud walls.

You will need a wide cardboard tube, a piece of thin card, thin garden canes, a junior hacksaw, straw or raffia, glue and scissors.

Cut a length of tube about 5cm (tin) long. Cut out a small piece for the door. You will also need two circles, one about 7cm (3in) diameter and the other about 12cm (sin) diameter.


Activity - Make a model African House

Glue the piece of tube to the larger circle.

Cut lengths of cane and glue to the outside of the tube.

Make a cut in the small circle of card and fold to a cone shape to fit the house. Glue into position.

Glue lengths of straw or raffia on to the cone to make the roof. Fit the roof on to the house.

A simpler method using thin card - download the template

Activity - Bedrooms

Ask the Cub Scouts to draw a plan of their bedroom, showing where they keep all of their clothes, games, and toys. Mark on it any TV set, stereo or computers they have.

Try to imagine the bedroom of a Ugandan child. Discuss the differences between what Ugandan children may have and what we have. Discuss how many of the belongings are essential. Is there a time when they live happily with fewer belongings such as at camp or on family holidays?

Activity - Clay Pots

Make pots from modelling clay and decorate them using string and so on.

There are many towns in Uganda - not just mud hut villages. Many towns have names beginning with the letter K. Some are hidden in the word-search overleaf. See how many the Cub Scouts can find.

Game - Towns

Name four corners of your hall - Kampala, Mbale, Jinja and Entebbe. When the Leader calls out one of the towns the Cubs run to the appropriate corner. If Leader calls Lake Kyoga the Cubs must lie on their stomach and pretend to swim. Other commands could be inspired by other Ugandan towns.

To compliment this game download our word game based on Uganda Towns and Cities.

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