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Scout World Friendship Badge

Interest Badge

Correspond regularly (such as about once a month) for not less than six months with a Ugandan Scout either individually or as part of a Patrol or Troop `link-up'.

Carry out a study of Uganda and discuss with the examiner the differences in the way of life between that country and your own.


Keep an album or scrapbook for at least six months giving illustrated information (gained from correspondence under requirement 1) on Scout activities, sports, home life and national affairs of Uganda.


Submit a set of not less than 20 photographs or colour slides taken by yourself illustrating and explaining Scouting, life, people, customs and scenery of Uganda.

Complete any two of the following:

Camp or hike, as part of the UK contingent, for at least seven days with a Ugandan Scout or Scouts and produce a log book covering this event to include your impressions and knowledge gained of foreign Scouts and their country or countries.

Entertain in your home, for not less than three days, a Ugandan Scout or Scouts.

Tell the examiner ways in which you have welcomed immigrant young people or visitors from another country at school, sport or in your local community and what you have done to make them feel at home there.

Give separate informative talks to your Troop and to a Cub Scout Pack (each of at least five minutes duration) on the interest and knowledge gained from your international experiences.

Make a tape recording of camp fire songs from another country or a simple conversation with a Scout in a local tribal language in Uganda, with the meaning of each sentence in English

Devise and run a Troop or Patrol activity based on information gained from a Ugandan Scout with whom you are in touch or from your knowledge of another country or countries.

Reference: Scout World Friendship Badge

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