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Five containers leave UK for Uganda!

Five shipping containers started their long road and sea journey from the UK to Uganda on Monday 24th of July. Three of the 20 foot long Containers left Farnham in Surrey, containing resources collected by Scouts from the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, and Surrey with smaller contributions from Sussex and Kent. One container departed from the Scout Shops depot in Lancing in West Sussex. The last container was loaded in North Wales.

The five containers are scheduled to arrive in Uganda just after the Uganda 2000 contingent returns to the UK. This will allow our Ugandan colleagues to be able to concentrate on distributing the resources to where they are the most needed.

Eric Goulding, Uganda 2000 Contingent Leader, described this as the "largest UK donation to Scouts in a developing country since the "UNITE PROJECT" in the early 1980s". He went on to say that he hoped other containers would follow in the months ahead. UK Scouts can be truly proud that in Uganda they are helping to make a difference.

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