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    On Safari

    Spike, our PRO in Uganda is now on Safari taking a well earned break before the hectic days of the 85th Anniversary Jamboree at Kaazi so not a lot to report. Just a few bits and bobs.

    Spike and Andrew had to go to the airport yesterday (Monday) to collect a GSM modem which had arrived too late in the UK to be taken out to Uganda. The supplier guaranteed it would be in Kampala a few days ago but did not mention how much duty would have to be paid on its import. The 60 pounds paid to customs was almost as much as the modem had cost in the UK.

    Also air cargo free from BA had also to be paid for. Much of this is needed for the Jamboree so it has arrived just in time.

    Word from Massindi District where Hampshire have been based is that the project is now renamed the Hamindi Project. HAMpshire and masINDI ! Sorry we have not yet got this new name in the Search Engine on the Web Site but you when we receive some news and photos you will be able to search for Hampshire.

    In Mubende (Mityana) one Ugandan is said to have offered 500 cows for Hannah and still been willing to increase the number. Geoff is reported to have said he could have her for half a goat!

    One Scout in Iganga is now superfit having spent two days running for the Loo. I am told he is fully recovered and blames Purky's cooking!

    The Apac, Pallisa, Iganga and Rakai units are now in Murchison Falls National Park relaxing with PRO Spike and Andrew Cooke, Service Crew Leader whilst Eric Goulding Contingent Leader holds the fort in Kampala Base.

    A start will be made on Thursday on the Kampala Project but unfortunately no-one seems to be telling what it is.

    Today (Tuesday) Steve Fitzwater and his Unit finished their climb up Mount Elgon and will be on their way to Murchison Falls on Wednesday to join the Mubende Unit (including Hannah we hope) (Sorry can't fit 500 cows in the transport), the Mbarara Unit and Soroti.

    By Saturday almost all will have returned to Kampala for the Jamboree.

    Providing Spike can get a line out of Murchison Falls there will be news on Wednesday, otherwise it is likely to be Friday before this page is updated.

    Thanks for all the messages received expressing appreciation for what has so far appeared on the site. Any non-urgent messages which you have asked to be sent to Uganda have been forwarded.