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    Launch of Uganda 2003

    "The nice policeman with the AK47 was expecting Scouts to be staying on his lawn anyway!"

    "I am very tired and perhaps a bit scared but this is an experience I will never forget."

    Having never seen white people before "some of the residents of the village had fled in fear at the sight of us, whilst the rest stood in silence" as we entered the village.

    Those were just a few of many quotes from the 2000 expedition which the Network members had in mind when today (Saturday 20th October) the National Commissioner for Venture Scouts launched Uganda 2003. Speaking to a packed audience of Scout Leaders, Venture Scouts and supporters, Hamish Stout encouraged Venture Scouts to take part in the Explorer Belt challenge in August 2003.

    The challenge will take small groups of Venture Scouts into challenging but safe country in Uganda accompanied by a local Scout or Leader to live and work with people in remote villages. During the route Venture Scouts will undertake various projects to help local people and to learn about the country and the culture.

    The visit of approximately 3 weeks will also take in climbing Mount Elgon where, even though it is on the equator, you can find snow on the summit.

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    To be part of the expedition or to get information  Email the expedition leader Nick Winter    

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