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News Archive(Added 17/08/00!)
Photographs of Entebbe and story

Yesterday Kampala base staff visited Entebbe to meet Scouts and Leaders from Nottingham, Hinckley etc. Please see the photos and read the story.

The Units continue to report few problems. Everyone is safe and well but a few demands for a bath or a shower.

Visits today are being made to Massindi where Hampshire are working on local projects, Mbarara where Venture Scouts from Nottinghamshire and Norfolk are working on a Memorial to the founder of Scouting in Uganda and on the local Camp Site, and to Iganga where Surrey Scouts led by Mark Purkiss are working on a class room for a local school. Pallisa will also get a further visit. No problems at Pallisa, just no mobile phone communication.

Stuart Reports that the first Expedition up Mount Elgon is now nearing completion and Nick reports that no-one has so far got lost on the Explorer Belt. He had some difficulty finding one group - a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack he described it, I would have thought more like a white man in a jungle! However, I am told that the local people knew exactly where they were and after all they were only 30 minutes late for the check in.

Hampshire who in the early part of the week spent time at Murchison Falls National Park are still on a high after seeing the wildlife there. One young female scout, who shall remain nameless, said "Wow" and nothing more only she said it 50,000 times!

Hopefully Scouts will be pleased with their A Level Results which we are busy relaying.