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News Archive(Added 16/08/00!)
Entebbe Unit gets into work!

More photographs came in this morning and are now on the site showing the day out in Jinja, the visit to the Source of the Nile and the Bujagali Falls.

The Service Crew is settling into its daily routine of monitoring progress around the country. Three Mobile Units with telephone communication out and about. Tuesday Mobile One joined the Doncaster and Berkshire Unit in Pallisa and today have travelled on to Sorotti. Meanwhile Mobile 2 is in Rakai and Mobile 3 Nick Winter is monitoring the Explorer Belt Unit. has visited Mark Purkiss from Surrey in Iganga and will call in at Pallisa. Why the visits to Pallisa - well the only unit out of GSM telephone range. Pallisa is 1.5 hours drive up a murrum road in the middle of rice growing and lemon growing areas.

Stuart McKay, complete with climbing gear is on Mount Elgon.

All is well so there has been time for part of the Kampala Base staff to visit Steve Fitzwater from Nottingham in Entebbe. A mobile phone call to the writer here in the UK brought great news that the fencing and re-roofing jobs are well under way. They have been impressed by the happiness of all they have met and have already taken some young children in need to their hearts. Steve says there are problems with permission to clean up the well but he is off to see the local authorities in the morning to lend a bit of Scout pressure.

We expect to see photos of Steve's handiwork in the morning, Thursday.