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and more rain!

First of all back to Sunday. Walking around Jinja a number of the Scouts met up with Michael Howard, yes really, The Michael Howard. He was left with a greater understanding of International Scouting.

Monday evening brought few reports to base after a day of travelling but this morning all but one unit,as expected, reported in.

All arrived safely but with more rain. Well they are in an equatorial country, what do they expect? Rain levels are high in Uganda though sunshine is usually only a few hours away. However, it has made transport difficult off road, or should I say off tarmac, as most of the roads are not tarmac but murrum. In wet weather a red slime but when its dry it is a really good driving surface but with plenty of red dust to cover everything and everyone.

The one unit which has not reported in is not a worry as they are outside GSM telephone contact. As a consequence the Service Crew have planned regular visits to ensure all is well. Also Mark Purkiss, a seasoned Uganda traveller is nearby. Every Unit will get a visit in the next 2 or 3 days when any issues can be addressed. However, the training has been so good for this contingent that no major problems are expected.

The service crew today was based in Kampala under the direction of Andrew Cooke and is already looking for the preparations for the Jamboree to be held in 10 days time.

The first pictures arrived and are on the site in the Photo Album

One piece of luggage accidentally sent to Europe has arrived in Uganda so Stuart McKay who is due to climb Mount Elgon today is now fully equipped. Stuart from Northumberland and Nick Toombs from Norwich are looking after the 30 Scouts climbing Mount Elgon.

The Explorer Belt 10 and their accompanying Uganda Scouts have set off from Jinja on their adventure which will take them into local communities to meet, greet and work with people who will be quite astonished to see British travellers on foot. Nick Winter from Bristol is in charge of Explorer Belt operations and will be keeping a daily eye on their movements.

Scout friends Bettina Isaacs and ?? (sorry Bettina cannot remember your friend's name) are to arrive in Uganda on Saturday with musical instruments for a school where they have been teaching music. The instruments have been donated by their friends and schools near their home town.

Hope for more pictures Wednesday morning!