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They've arrived!

Lead singer "Tilly" from North Wales brought Scout Songs to the rest of the passengers on the British Airways flight to Uganda. Chris Foote, PRO for the visit, said "Eventually we all settled down and gave the passengers a peaceful night. However some of us were called upon time and time again to explain the visit to Uganda by UK Scouts".

On the Tarmac at Entebbe Airport, Uganda hundreds turned out to greet the UK Scouts - special permission had been granted for the Outspan School Band to play the VIP Scout Passengers off the plane. Passengers and crew looked on dazed that apparrently important visitors had been on board.

All luggage arrived safely together with the Air Cargo kindly transported free of charge by British Airways.

Speeches of welcome over quickly in the way that only Uganda knows how - off the 7 bus loads of passengers went to Jinja. On the way protocol dictated a visit to the capital where a 2.5 Km parade had been arranged. With the band in the lead and in the hot sun the parade set off to the City Park for more welcomes.

Traffic, always bad and slow moving on a busy Saturday, came to a halt as Traffic Police closed roads to allow the visitors through. The country's press interviewed Leaders and Scouts and film of the parade appeared on Uganda Television.

15 year old Paul Middleton of Derby described this as being the highlight of his Scouting!

Have we got news for you Paul - there is more to come!

Today, Sunday, the contingent has visited the Bujagali Falls and the Source of the Nile in Jinja. Tonight Scouts and Leaders will be able to relax at the Jinja Sailing Club, famous for its huge Tilapia from Lake Victoria. All will enjoy a local meal and disco. The older ones will taste for the first time "Nile Special" a strong lager not to be taken in excess!

Chris Foote says that as soon as he can get to a telephone land line he will upload photographs of the departure from Gatwick and the first couple of days of activity. Unfortunately BP House, Kampala is presently without power and telephone connection due a vehicle accident involving the demolition of a telegraph pole. However, Chris has made arrangements with a local ISP to do the job for him.

Tonight, Sunday, the King of Bsoga will visit the UK Scouts.