UK Uganda Network
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    Uganda Domain for Uganda Scouts

    The Uganda Scouts Association has moved is web site from to A permanent link to the site can be found on the Network's links page

    United Kingdom Adult Scout and Guide Alliance and UNICEF

    The United Kingdom Adult Scout and Guide Alliance has joined with UNICEF to help in the continuing fight against HIV and AIDS. The disease is now the largest killer in sub-Saharan Africa in countries such as Uganda and Kenya. Those who die from AIDS are mainly people in the prime of their lives leaving children as orphans and vulnerable.

    The Alliance is asking members to use October 25th (Fellowship Day) to help youngsters and their families affected by AIDS.

    Every minute 6 young people are infected with HIV. Please try to help.

    For more information about the Alliance and its work with UNICEF for Uganda Email the Appeal Co-ordinator Dave Mowbray

    International Scout Fellowship

    The newly formed International Scout Fellowship is planning its future and a series of International Events.

    For more information contact Brian Staines by Email

    Date and location for next Network meeting anounced

    The next meeting of the UK Uganda Network is to be held during the weekend of 19th to the 21st of October 2001 at Kibblestone Scout Camp in Staffordshire.

    Uganda 2003

    Hamish Stout, National Commissioner for Venture Scouts will launch Uganda 2003 at the next Network meeting in Kibblestone. Although Hamish is soon to be out of a job he will predict the success of the visits to Uganda in 2003 which will include more Explorer Belt Expeditions and community work.

    Whilst at Kibblestone he will take time to present the remaining Explorer Belts to Venture Scouts undertook expeditions in August 2000.

    Please click here to read more details of the meeting!